The Ginger Nuts of Horror best novels of 2017

Well, this is a good start to the day…

Jim McLeod at The Ginger Nuts of Horror has picked YOU DON’T BELONG HERE as one of his favourite novels of 2017!

‘Time travel is a funny old game, so many novels and stories are written using time travel as theme, but so many of them fail to understand the complexities and consequences of it.  Luckily for us we have writers like Tim Major who are capable of writing an enthralling novel that uses time travel in a logical and well thought way.  “you don’t Belong Here” Is an exciting rollercoaster ride across time that challenges the reader to pay attention.’

Thanks so much Jim! Despite the cold up here in my attic office, I’m glowing.

Click here for the full article.


‘LES VAMPIRES’ film book to be published in 2018

Another publication announcement! My first non-fiction book will be published in summer 2018 by Electric Dreamhouse Press, the PS Publishing imprint run by editor Neil Snowdon, who was responsible for the terrific Nigel Kneale anthology, We Are The Martians.

While I started work on this project at the start of 2017, I haven’t talked about it at all online – mainly because my imposter syndrome kicked in badly with this project (the impressive list of contributors to the Midnight Movie Monograph series is daunting). But I’ve now delivered a draft and can finally accept that it’s happening…

My book is about the 1915–16 French silent crime serial, LES VAMPIRES, which stars Musidora as the original femme fatale, Irma Vep. As well as details of the production, the historical context and my response to the film, the book will contain 10 new pieces of weird fiction inspired by each of the 10 episodes of the serial.

Before I started writing the book I loved LES VAMPIRES. Now, after watching the 10 episodes countless times (the serial runs to 7 hours in total), it’s become one of my favourite films of all time. Lucky, that – I’ll be watching it many more times before the book is published…

More info in the new year.

My first YA novel will be published in 2018!

EXCITING! I’ve just now – less than half an hour ago! – signed a contract for publication of my first YA book.

It’ll be published by ChiZine, possibly in October 2018.

There’s no title yet, but it’s an SF adventure about a virtual-world prison for young offenders, modelled as a sleepy English village. It’s a bit Midwich Cuckoos and a bit Westworld (the 1973 film).

(Lots) more news soon!


Publication day!

INVADERS FROM BEYOND is available *right now*. It’s a lovely, hefty omnibus that contains my novella, BLIGHTERS, alongside MIDNIGHT IN THE GARDEN CENTRE OF GOOD AND EVIL by Colin Sinclair and RAGS, BONES AND TEA LEAVES by Julian Benson.

Here’s the blurb for BLIGHTERS:

Them Blighters are everywhere.
They fell out of the sky last year, great horrible armour-plated slugs with razor-sharp fangs. But ugly as they are, they give the ultimate high to anyone nearby: a blissful, gleeful contentment that people are willing to kill for.
Not Becky Stone, though. All she wants is to drink beer, listen to her dad’s old vinyl, and get her life back to how it was before everything was all messed up.
Blighters? Frankly, she could do without them.

See here for guest posts and reviews of BLIGHTERS, and listen to a Spotify playlist to set the scene.

Or just head over to Amazon to buy it!

The ‘elevator pitch’ as a writing tool

At the end of the month Abaddon publish the INVADERS FROM BEYOND print omnibus, which features my novella, BLIGHTERS, alongside others by Colin Sinclair and Julian Benson.

To celebrate its publication, I’ve written a guest blog post, which appeared today on the Sci-Fi Bulletin website. It’s titled ‘So, there are these giant alien slugs: The ‘elevator pitch’ as a writing tool’.

Alongside some writing advice, it includes a description of my pitch to Abaddon’s David Thomas Moore at my very first FantasyCon in 2015.

Say hello to the new co-editor of the British Fantasy Society’s fiction journal!


I’m pleased to announce that, yes, I’ve just been named as co-editor of the British Fantasy Society fiction journal, Horizons, starting with issue 7. I’ll be working alongside fantasy author and editor with Unbound, Shona Kinsella.

I’m really excited about the new role, and looking forward to reading some excellent genre fiction. We’re already making headway through the submissions inbox, and there’ll be a new call for submissions very soon!

Tim Major – author & editor

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